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X Series - Worm gearboxes

Output torque[Nm]14 - 650 Ratio7.5 - 100 Input power[Kw]0.06 - 9.20
The series X, featuring a worm and worm wheel set, is available in versions XA with shaft and XF-XC with mounting provisions for motor. Version XF (bell housing + coupling) offers great versatility to suit a broad range of applications.
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CM Series - Worm gearboxes

Output torque[Nm]10 - 100 Ratio5 - 76 Input power[Kw]0.09 - 230
CM and CMM worm gearboxes offered by TRANSTECNO have the following characteristics: The frames 030, 040, 050, 063, 075 and 090 are constructed with the Aluminum body, larger sizes are made of cast iron. Unit sizes CM030 up to CM075 are filled with long-life synthetic lubricant AGIP TELIUM VSF320. Unit size CM090 is filled with long-life mineral lubricant AGIP BLASIA 460. Unit sizes CM110 and CM130 are filled with mineral lubricant AGIP BLASIA 460: replace the oil after approximately 10000 hours running. The frames 075, 090, 110 and 130 are supplied with tapered roller bearings on the worm.
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WM26 Series - Worm gearboxes

Output torque[Nm]10 - 14 Ratio5 - 60 Input power[Kw]0.06 - 0.09
Worm gearboxes (centre distance 26 mm)
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K Series - Worm gearboxes

Output torque[Nm]14 - 624 Ratio7.5 - 100 Input power[Kw]0.06 - 9.20
Series K is the round version of the worm gearboxes range.
It is available only with the compact input connection.
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CHM Series - Worm gearboxes

Output torque[Nm]13 - 900 Ratio7.5 - 100 Input power[Kw]0.09 - 7.50
The worm gears made by Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA are square and are considerably versatile for mounting.
The manufacturing of the components, carried out using numeric control machines, guarantees maximum precision for the restricted tolerances, producing a product that will remain reliable over time.
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