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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is Tetraservice?

It is important to specify that it is not a static library like the ones currently available on CD or the web, but rather a system that offers the user guided selection functions by creating the morphological and performance profile of the desired product.
On the basis of the selections made, Tetraservice will assemble in real time the 3D models of the various elements composing the product, making the final model that has been generated available for view and download.
For those who need to work on two-dimensional CAD projects, drawings generated in 2D format are also available for download.

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2)What can I configure and assemble?

All objects. But in particular Tetraservice highlights its considerable potential with complex products featuring high modularity and numerous possible configurations.
This system can be applied to products of various sectors (power transmissions, furniture, automobiles, standard components, etc.).

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3)Why can we claim to be able to generate and manage billions of configurations?

Because in the case of particularly complex products, TETRASERVICE is able to generate the models for all the possible configurations.

For example:

Right-angle reduction gears (DEMO)
250 basic components + assembly information = 150 MB of space occupied.
Possible configurations that can be assembled = more than 30 million, all available in the DEMO

Epicyclic reduction gears (DEMO)
7 basic parameterised components + assembly information = 1.5 MB of space occupied.
Possible configurations that can be assembled = more than 300 thousand, all available in the DEMO.

We can therefore state that on a single server with 40 GB of space dedicated to model and assembly information files, we are able to generate and manage tens of billions of configurations without any problem.

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4)How many models will I require to insert my products in Tetraservice?

Only the necessary basic components in unit quantities. The system will take care of managing them.

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5)Is it necessary to create pre-assembled models?

Absolutely not! Real time assembly allows us to avoid the use of pre-assembled models (the solution adopted by the 2-3D CAD libraries currently available on the market), which would occupy an unacceptable amount of space on the server and make managing updates more difficult and burdensome.

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6)Can I update my components?

Any updates made to single basic components will be transferred automatically and in real time to all the models which require their assembly.

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7)Who is this service aimed at?

Companies that wish to reduce pre- and post-sale service management costs, making available to their distribution network, customers and company design departments an extremely versatile tool for generating the 3D models of their products and related documentation, which can be used by Customer Service.

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8)Is it simple to use?

Extremely simple. Even if the user has very limited knowledge of the product, the software's built-in checks will always guide him smoothly towards a consistent choice among millions of combinations, thus allowing him to avoid any margin of error.

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9)And what if I don't have the 3D models of my products?

In this case we are able to offer an additional service and create all the necessary basic 3D models or, if required, optimise the ones the company already has available.

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10)Is it possible to have it on CD?

On the basis of we have chosen to make TETRASERVICE available only as a web service in order to guarantee maximum visibility and real time updating of its contents.
Unfortunately the CD-ROM has problems with obsolescence immediately after it is published.
However, our technical staff can evaluate your needs and recommend the necessary solutions.

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11)In which environment does it operate?

Tetraservice has been designed and optimised to offer maximum performance in the web environment.

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12)How is it provided?

Your site will be provided with a link to the pages on Tetraservice dedicated to your products which, thanks to the special html structure, will open without any annoying re-addressing. In this way the users will always have the impression of being in your corporate site.
It will not be necessary to purchase any software, but there will be a fee applied to the use of the service.
The company will be able to automatically update all the information and basic drawings by connecting to the server via FTP.
See example

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13)What other functions does it feature?

When integrated with additional modules, Tetraservice can manage spare parts on line (3D exploded views) with consequent interactive parts selection and request. In addition, it can implement interactive 3D animations illustrating the assembly sequences of one or more selected parts.
Our technical staff can evaluate any service customisation needs

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